Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree Plantation Paragraph Writing for All Class Students

Tree plantation is the most important program in order to save nature and our surroundings from environmental pollution. You can use this Tree Plantation Paragraph for JSC, SSC & HSC exam. Nowadays, environmental pollution has increased at an alarming rate. A well-planned tree plantation can save us from the severe consequences of climate change. In this tree plantation paragraph, we will talk more about this.

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Tree Plantation Paragraph

Trees are the most important element of nature. They give us oxygen, food s, woods, shelter, medicine, and many more components to lead a healthy life. Trees also play the most important part in maintaining ecological balance. Moreover, trees help in regulating rainfall and maintaining the temperature. Also, they maintain the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

Furthermore, trees increase the strength of the soil as well as make the soil more fertile, perfect for agriculture. They also give us fuel and timber.  The world is already under a big threat of major climate change due to global warming. The greenhouse effect and the environmental pollution is the main reason behind the immense climate change. Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing at a rapid pace.

Also, there is irregular rainfall. Therefore, sudden typhoons, drought, soil erosion, and various natural hazards are taking place. Deforestation is the main reason which is leading us to a serious natural disaster. Bangladesh is under the major threat of climate change. Moreover, due to global warming, the sea level is increasing as well. As Bangladesh is a lower riparian country and due to the rise in sea level, the country will be underwater in the future.

Apart from facing the challenges due to the rise in sea level, Bangladesh is also the center of frequent natural calamities. However, trees also give us the most important raw material for industrial work. As the world is becoming more industrialized and the population is also increasing alarmingly. People are cutting down trees for various purposes but they are not eager to plant trees.

Only balanced tree plantations can save us from various disasters. The rainy season is the perfect season for tree plantation. We can use the side of the roads and highways, riverside, side of dams, and canals for tree plantation. The government should take every possible measure to reduce deforestation. Hence, various types of programs can be organized to encourage people to plant more trees.

Public awareness of the importance of tree plantation. Additionally, we can encourage people to plant trees in their backyard, on their rooftop, school field, and other empty places. Besides cutting one tree we can encourage people to plant two more trees. Many students, political personnel, different social and cultural or social organizations, and other concerned citizens can come forward and organize various different tree plantation programs to spread more awareness among the citizens about the benefits of tree plantation.

Final Words

Therefore, we need to increase awareness as well as encourage people to plant more trees. A country needs to have at least 25 percent of forest land of its total land. The importance of tree plantation is enormous so that our future generation can live healthy lives. We hope that this tree plantation paragraph will be helpful in your study.

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