Deforestation Paragraph

Deforestation Paragraph For Class 6,7,8,9, 12 (SSC, HSC)

Deforestation Paragraph: Cutting down trees randomly in a large number is known as deforestation. Trees are the most important element of nature. Unfortunately, people cut down trees for various reasons as they give us the most important components to live and breathe on this planet. Due to deforestation mankind and the environment around us suffers from serious consequences. Trees maintain the ecological balance of nature. However, in this deforestation paragraph, you will learn many important things.

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Paragraph on Deforestation

Nowadays deforestation has increased at an alarming rate. Apart from giving oxygen, trees give us shelter, food, timber, fuel, and many other things. Moreover, trees maintain the balance of ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air and keep the air clean and fresh. Trees save us from the scorching heat as well by giving us shadow.  Also, trees save us from various natural calamities such as typhoons, drought, floods, river erosion, and so on.

Additionally, trees play a significant role in maintaining rainfall, especially in tropical regions. Moreover, because of the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the earth is increasing and causing global warming. Many changes are already happening due to global warming. The icebergs in the north and south pole are melting resulting in a rise in the sea level. Countries in the lower region will soon go underwater.

Unfortunately, Bangladesh is one of the countries that is going through the worst changes because of climate change. Additionally, trees play a significant role in maintaining rainfall, especially in tropical regions. All these problems can be reduced to a certain point if deforestation can be kept under control.  The main reason for deforestation is population growth.

The population is growing at a breathtaking pace. In order to give shelter to these increasing populations, people are cutting down trees. As trees give timber, fuel and various other raw materials people cut down trees indiscriminately to gather these materials. However, deforestation has various kinds of impact on nature. Deforestation reduces the fertility and strength of the soil.

It has an adverse effect on the agricultural sector. As the strength of the soil decreases on account of deforestation, it is giving a rise in river erosion. In addition, deforestation diminishes the soil quality. Many people are losing their homes every year. Deforestation diminishes the soil quality by destroying the upper layer. The root of the trees contains the most amounts of nutrients which mainly fertilizes the overall land.

Cutting down trees results in the lack of nutrients making the land more unfertile for agriculture. Also, deforestation triggers the causes of air pollution. As the world is becoming more industrialized the level of air pollution has been uplifted. With the increasing population, the use of vehicles has also been increased. Therefore the emission of carbon monoxide has also been increased rapidly.

Trees play a significant role as natural filters. Although with increased deforestation the number of trees is decreasing, escalating the air pollution. Not only is mankind disturbed due to deforestation but also the worst sufferer is the wildlife.

As a result of deforestation, many animals and rare trees are being extinct. Deforestation escalating a major ecological imbalance.  Therefore, many governmental and non-governmental organizations should work alongside to reduce deforestation. Also, public awareness about the disadvantages of deforestation should be emphasized more through mass media

Deforestation Paragraph For Class 9

Deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. It is the opposite of tree plantation. The causes of deforestation are many. Our country is the most densely populated country in the world. Its population is much more in proportion to its area. This huge population needs more accommodations, foods, lands, etc. For all these reasons people are cutting down trees. Besides, there are some dishonest people who cut down trees in our forests to make quick money. The effects of deforestation are too many to describe in words. This destruction disturbs the ecological balance to create problems. The existence of animals in the forest is going to be threatened. Because of deforestation carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide day by day. As a result, the world is becoming warmer. For this, global warming has been increasing day by day. The sea level has been rising.

Besides many parts of the world are going to be engulfed by the sea in the recent future. On the contrary, new areas of the world are turning into great deserts just because of deforestation. The removal of trees randomly causes birds and other animals living on them to leave the place. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to the soil as well. In the end, the soil gets sediment in the riverside. Finally, it causes frequent devastating floods.

So, if we destroy trees randomly, one-day our country will turn into a great dessert. As many living animals and birds live in trees, they will not find any food or shelter to live in. Hence, they will be destroyed too. Again there will be no rain. As a result, our agriculture will face a great crisis like drought. The temperature will rise and it will cause the greenhouse effect. The country will be unsuitable for living. Consequently various natural calamities like floods, drought, storm, etc. will visit our country. Govt. should take immediate measures to prevent deforestation. Govt. as well as conscious people should make general people aware of tree plantation. We should make them aware through mass media. Tree plantation programs should be extended throughout the whole country.

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Deforestation Paragraph For Class 8

Deforestation may be regarded as removal or clearing of trees at random. It is a process where a forest becomes a non-forest. It may occur due to natural disasters like wildfires or induce by human beings. The reasons behind deforestation are a lot. But human activities are directly responsible for it. Trees in the forest help in maintaining oxygen and carbon-di-oxide balance in nature. We get food from them. They are also habitat for many birds and beast. Forest contributes to maintain enough rain in a certain region and beautify nature.

But thankless humans pay their due by destroying them. As farmers need more land for cultivation, they go to clean forests to expand their agricultural land. Poor people also cut trees for habituation. Trees are cut down for timber which is used as fuel, in construction or to make furniture. Deforestation has very drastic effects on both humans and nature. Decrease the number of the tree leads to rising carbon-di-oxide and lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. This results in severe lung diseases such as bronchitis in humans and animals.

It causes serious soil erosion. Ecological balance is also disturbed by deforestation. Many wild animals and birds, as well as beasts, lose their home. Global warming is an alarming consequence of deforestation. As a result temperature of the atmosphere is increasing and ice of the polar region is melting very fast. For this, we have to face various devastating floods. Drought may occur due to deforestation. But it should not be continued. We should find an alternative source of fuel. Cutting down of trees for agricultural expansion should be stopped. We need to use steel as a construction material instead of wood. Social awareness is the best way to concern people about the drastic consequence of deforestation. At last, the Government must take functional initiatives to stop the cleanse of forest indiscriminately.

Deforestation Paragraph For Class 7

Paragraph on Deforestation: Deforestation means the act of cutting down or burning the trees indiscriminately in an area. Nowadays it has become a global problem. There are many causes of deforestation. Among them, the population explosion is the main cause of deforestation. People use wood for different purposes. They are cutting down trees indiscriminately as they need shelter, agricultural land, fuel, mature, etc. There are many impacts of deforestation on human beings, fauna, nature, and climate. If people cut down trees at random, one day a number of regions will turn into deserts.

If there is no tree, here will be no rain too. Consequently, our farmer will face a great crisis. The temperature will rise and it will cause the Green House Effect. The sea level will rise and the low-lying countries of the world will go underwater. Moreover, deforestation leads to many ecological damages. As a result, it affects the flora and fauna of the area. Besides, it disturbs the food chain and the hydrological cycle. To get rid of this problem, social awareness should be raised. We should tell people regarding the bad effects of deforestation. For this purpose, we can rise a tree plantation program through print and electronic media. Besides, Govt. should make strict laws and implement these laws to reduce deforestation. After all, if we want to save our planet, we must protect our forests.

Deforestation Paragraph For Class 6

Deforestation Paragraph: Deforestation means cutting and burning down forests. There are many causes of deforestation. People are increasing like mice in a barn. Their needs and necessities are also increasing. As trees and plants are of great use to them, they cut them down. By burning down the forest, they also make a living place. But they are not aware of the harmful effects of deforestation. Due to deforestation, carbon-dioxide is increasing. And so the weather pattern is being changed.

The world is becoming warmer. The heat of the sun is trapped inside the atmosphere. As a result, the polar ice caps of the north pole are melting. As ours is a low-lying region, it may one day go underwater. Therefore, Govt. should take effective measures to prevent deforestation. Moreover, Govt & NGO should introduce a tree plantation program. If one cuts down a tree, one should plant two trees. Besides, we should raise public awareness to grow more plants and trees.

Final Words

In conclusion of this deforestation paragraph, deforestation is leading the whole world to an end. If it is not kept under control there will be no future left for the next generation. Thus, different tree plantation programs should be organized to encourage people to plant more trees in empty land like roadsides, riversides, school premises as well as on the rooftop of different buildings rather than cutting them.

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