Covid-19 Paragraph for SSC | HSC and JSC Exam

Ongoing pandemic is the number one problem of the world. So, Students should be updated with paragraphs like Covid-19 Paragraph. It’s will be very important for upcoming exams. Hope that you will find the Covid-19 Paragraph easy enough.

Covid-19 Paragraph

Covid-19 is a deadly virus and the entire world is facing its dominance. It has reached more than 200 countries around the world. It all began in December 2019, more specifically 31st of the month. China was the first country to experiencing this new disease. A case of 27 people was reported by China’s disease control center on December 31st.

All of these 27 people had the same respiratory problems. It has also said in the report that these people had a connection with seafood which was bought from the market of Hunan. Researchers had found a match of this unknown disease’s genetic sequence in the database. It was in the family of coronavirus. Later, it was named Covid-19. This name stands for coronavirus disease 2019. After that, Covid-19 became a global health crisis. On 11 March 2019 WHO (world health organization) had declared the outbreak of Covid-19 as a pandemic. Further research has shown that it can cause disease in animals like mammals and birds. This virus can spread through droplets of a sneeze or exhales from an infected person. Symptoms for this disease are cough, fever, headaches, loss of smell, and loss of test. WHO gave some rules and regulations for protecting people from viral infection. Wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing are these protocols. In the earlier phase lockdown was given by the government of the countries around the world. Several institutes and companies around the globe worked hard for vaccines. But finally, vaccines are available.

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