Food Adulteration Paragraph

Food Adulteration Paragraph Writing for Class JSC/SSC/HSC

Foods are the most essential item in human growth. In order to lead a healthy and happy life, mankind needs nutritious food. But if these foods are being adulterated then it can cause a huge threat to human health. In some cases, adulterated food can cause death. Some businessmen do food adulteration in order to make more profit. Let us know more about food adulteration in this food adulteration paragraph.

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Food Adulteration Paragraph

Food adulteration is adding poisonous chemicals to food items to make them more appealing. Because food adulteration can change the food quality completely. Most of the time it starts with adding a little amount of mild chemical to extremely harmful preservative substances. Food adulteration has become a burning question nowadays. People are adulterating food on a daily basis on regular food items.

Such as poultry items, red meats, vegetables, fruits, fishes, spices, oil, milk and various dairy items, and many more. Mostly the bakery and fast food items are being adulterated regularly. Businessmen adopt food adulteration with the hope of earning a little more. They do not care about the health hazards that they are causing. All they care about the money that they are earning in the process.

The main cause behind food adulteration is their endless and immoral greed for money. Also, many food factories and beverage companies use harmful preservatives that keep the food and the beverages fresh looking for a long time. As a result, with the greed of making more money, more and more people are being eager for food adulteration. By adding chemical substances in various foods, the food item lasts longer.

With fresh-looking foods, it is easier to deceive innocent people into buying those items. Every year thousands of tons of various fruits such as mangos, jackfruits, berries, bananas, etc. are being sold which have formalin in them. Formalin keeps the fruits fresh and colorful for a long time. As most fruits from the summer season easily get spoiled, many sellers use formalin.

Not only do they use formalin, but they also inject those fruits with carbides which is very harmful to health.  The use of carbide makes the fruits tasty as well as makes the fruits very appealing to the buyers. Apart from fruits they use formalin and carbide in various vegetables. Moreover, they use various colors in different spices to make it look attractive to their customers.

The colors that they use in spices are not edible rather they contain harmful chemicals which are very dangerous for health. Besides, many poultry farmers feed their animals different chemicals so that they can grow bigger and they can sell them at a higher price. They mostly feed their animals which can cause serious damage to health and also can lead a person to death.

In order to make more profit with little investment, some sellers do not hesitate to add dangerous substances such as DDT, Aldrin, formalin, chlordane, carbide, and so on. These chemicals can cause dangerous diseases like cancer, lung diseases, kidney failure, various heart problems, and sometimes can cause brain damage.

A huge number of people who live under the poverty line are unaware of this food adulteration and the bad impact on their health. Digesting chemicals at a small amount may not show an immediate effect but gradually it can lead to serious damage. Making them aware should be the first priority.

Final Words

In conclusion of food adulteration paragraph, we think government needs to take strict measures to stop food adulteration. Already many mobile courts do their job finding and punishing these sellers who adulterate their food. But their searching approach and span are not that far. Hence many sellers get saved in many ways and they cannot uproot the main offender from the center.

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