Inter 1st Year Assignment 2022 | HSC Class 11 Assignment All Subjects

Are you a student of inter 1st year? Then you must be looking for inter 1st year assignment 2022. Don’t worry, you can find the inter 1st year assignment right here. You can download your assignments from our website. Look below and you should be able to find the assignments you are looking for.

 Inter 1st Year Assignment 2022

Inter 1st year assignment has been issued by the Authority for all Education Boards. You can download Bangla, English, ICT, Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Mathematics, Accounting, and all group-related assignment solutions from here.

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HSC Assignment 2022 Answer 1st Week

HSC Class 11 Assignment Answer 2022

HSC Class 11 Assignment will start from 14th June 2022. It will continue 3 months. You will get Class 11 Assignment answers from here. So stay with us.


Inter 1st Year Assignment Bangla

Bangla is a very important subject for inter 1st year students as it is the study of their native language and culture. Students should complete the assignments with care. To download your Bangla inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.


অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর: ১. ‘অপরিচিতা’ গল্প এবং বাস্তব দৃ্টান্তের ভিত্তিতে নারীর এগিয়ে চলার পথে সহায়ক ভূমিকা চিহিতকরণ

HSC Bangla Assignment Answer

Inter 1st Year Assignment Physics

By understanding physics, the students will be able to understand the world around them better. Many consider it a hard subject but it can become fun once the students understand it. To download your Physics inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.


Physics 1st Paper Assignment Answer

তুমি 20 ms-1 বেগে একদম খাড়াভাবে একটি 400 gm ভরের ক্রিকেট বল উপরের দিকে ছুড়ে মারলে।

(ক) বলটির বেগ নাম সময়ের গ্রাফ আঁকো।

(খ) গতিপথে সর্বোচ্চ বিন্দুতে বলটির বেগ কত।

(গ) ঐ বিন্দুতে ত্বরণ কত?

(ঘ) ঐখানে ক্রিকেট বলটির উপর ক্রিয়ারত মােট বল কত?

Inter 1st Year Assignment Accounting

Accounting is essential for keeping track of finances. To download your Accounting inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.


HSC Accounting Assignment Answer

হিসাবচক্রের ধাপ অনুসরণ করে লেনদেন চিহ্নিতকরণ, লিপিবদ্ধকরণ, হিসাবের বই প্রস্তুতকরণ এবং হিসাব সমীকরণে প্রভাব প্রদর্শন:

গৌতম এন্টারপ্রাইজ এর ৩১ জানুয়ারি ২০২১ সালের হিসাব উদ্বৃত্তগুলাে নিম্নরূপ ছিল ।

Inter 1st Year Civics Assignment

In this situation, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE for short) has decided to involve the HSC candidates of 2022 with regular study. So like students of other classes, assignments will also be given to HSC candidates of 2022.


HSC Civics 1st Paper Assignment Answer

নাগরিক সভ্যতার ক্রমবিকাশে পৌরনীতি ও সুশাসনের ধারনা বিশ্লেষনপূর্বক একটি নিবন্ধ রচনা কর।

Inter 1st Year Economics Assignment

According to the current situation, the opening of educational institutions is in uncertainty. Therefore, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has decided to give assignments to the 2022 HSC candidates.


অ্যাসাইনমেন্টঃ হাওর এলাকার কৃষক সালামত সাহেবের একখন্ড জমিতে ধান ও গম উৎপাদনের নিন্মরূপ বিকল্প সম্ভাবনা অনুসৃত হয়েছে

যেমন: ধান উৎপাদন যখন ১৬, ১০ ও ০ মন হয়, তখন উৎপাদন হয় যথাক্রমে ০, ১০, ও ১৬ মন। প্রাপ্ত তথ্যের আলােকে উৎপাদন সম্ভাবনা রেখার অর্থনৈতিক তাৎপর্য বিশ্লেষণ কর।

HSC Economics Assignment 1st Paper Answer

Inter 1st Year Logic Assignment

Xi college assignment topic for 1st week has been declared on dshe.gov.bd. Students are keen to get college assignment question and answer. We collect HSC home work schedule and PDF. Here we attach 1st week HSC college assignment question & answer image .


HSC Logic 1st Paper Assignment Answer

অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট নং: ০১- যুক্তিবিদ্যার ধারণায় এর পরিধি পাওয়া যায়- পর্যালোচনা কর

শিখনফল বা বিষয়বস্তু : প্রথম অধ্যায় : যুক্তিবিদ্যা পরিচিতি

Inter 1st Year Assignment English

English is a difficult subject for many inter 1st year students because it is a foreign language and many don’t practice it enough to feel comfortable with it. By completing the English assignment, the students should be able to understand the language better. To download your English inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Inter 1st Year Assignment ICT

Our country is becoming more digitalized every day. ICT is a part of daily life and it is essential for the students to have a basic understanding of it if they want to keep up with society. To download your ICT inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Inter 1st Year Assignment Religion

It is important for the students to know more about their religion and how they can practice it better. To download your Religion inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Inter 1st Year Assignment Chemistry

Chemistry is another subject that is prevalent in our daily lives, it governs the reactions between everything around us. Students should pay special attention when completing the Chemistry assignment. To download your Chemistry inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Inter 1st Year Assignment Biology

By completing the Biology assignment, students will acquire a better understanding of living beings. To download your Biology inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Inter 1st Year Assignment Higher Mathematics

Math is another difficult subject for many students. To download your Math inter 1st year assignment, click on the link shown here.

Final Words

By now you should have been able to download all your inter 1st year assignment. Complete them diligently and make sure to turn them in within time. Visit our website again to find more assignment related information.


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