HSC BM English Assignment

HSC BM English Assignment Answer 2024

HSC BM English Assignment Answer 2024 for the Bangladesh Technical Education Board students has been updated. The authority at the BTEB has uploaded the assignment task for its HSC BM Admission recently. In e first step, they have given the assignment to English and English subjects. This is post only to help the HSC BM students to complete their English Assignment giving them question answer and solution in PDF file.

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HSC BM English Assignment

The board of technical education in Bangladesh has decided to take assignment for the HSC BM course instead of the examination. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, the BTEB board could not hold the regular academic activities including classes and exams in 2024. But, the students must be allowed to get admission in the higher class. That is why the board has finalized to provide HSC BM English Assignment.

HSC BM English Assignment Answer

English Assignment 1

অধ্যায় ও বিষয়বস্তুর শিরােনাম

1. Part-A (Unit Twelve): Lesson – 2: What is conflict?

অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট/নির্ধারিত কাজ

Part-A Read the passage silently three times, try to understand the difficult words then answer the questions (1-4)

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) The word ‘conflict’ means ___

(i) fight (ii) quarrel (iii) negotiation (iv) discuss

(b) The word ‘antagonism’ means _____

(i) similar (ii) opposition (iii) parallel (iv) none

(c) The word ‘hostility’ means ___

(i) enmity (ii) friendship (iii) relationship (iv) ownership

(d) The word ‘pertain’ means ___

(i) relate (ii) far (iii) connect (iv) break

2. Answer the following questions.

(a) What according to the text is conflict?

Ans: Conflict is a type of disagreement among groups or individual characterized by antagonism and hostility.

(b) What causes conflict?

Ans: The clashing of thoughts and ideas causes conflict.

(c) How many parties are involved in a conflict?

Ans: At least two parties are involved in a conflict.

(d) How does conflict influence our actions and decisions?

Ans: A conflict may involve other individual, groups of people, or a struggle within our own selves and thus it influence our actions and decision in one way or another.

(e) Is there any positive impact of conflict?

Ans: Yes, though positive conflict of a meaningful result can be expected.

3. Write about the importance of peace in our social life?

4. Summarize the passage in five sentences in your own words.

Conflict can defined as clash of value and ideas many among things, and the most serious form of conflicts armed is clashes that results in lot of deaths and casualties. There can be conflict within us, which is called interpersonal conflict. The conflict between or among person is Called interpersonal conflict. Constraints of natural resources is also a cause of conflicts & it is known as economic conflict. Conflict is a very natural phenomenon buy something it taker serious forms.

2. Part-B (Grammar): Transformation Identify Subject, Object, Appositive, Conditional Sentence, Modifier, Punctuation.

Part-B: Grammar

Practice tense, changing sentence, modifier, conditional sentence, punctuation then answer the questions (5-6)

5. Transform the following sentences as directed:

(a) He comes here at four. (Make it Complex)

Ans: It was four when he came here.

(b) Very few poets are as great as John Keats. (Superlative)

Ans: John Keats is one of the greatest poets.

(c) I have no pen. (Interrogative)

Ans: Have I a pen?

(d) If you speak the truth, I shall pardon you. (Compound)

Ans: Speak the truth and I shall pardon you.

(e) Robin is the tallest boy in the class. (Comparative)

Ans: Robin is taller than any other boy in the class.

(f) All men are mortal. (Negative)

Ans: No man is immortal.

(g) Would that I could go there! (Assertive)

Ans: I wish I went there.

(h) I know what his name is. (Simple)

Ans: I know his name.

6. Identify subject, object, appositive, conditional sentence and modifier from the following sentences.

(a) He found the girl reading a book. (Modifier)

Post modifier => reading a book

(b) We should not drink polluted water. (Modifier)

Pre modifier => polluted

(c) Raju, a student reads attentively. (Appositive)

Appositive => a student

(d) Don’t drink hot tea. (Modifier)

Pre modifier => hot

(e) Mr. Kashem, my uncle is a good man. (Appositive)

Appositive => my uncle

(f) The famous novel, David Copperfield is a classic. (Appositive)

Appositive => The famous novel

(g) If you come, I will go. (Conditional)

1st Conditional => If you come

(h) They are my friends. (Subject)

Subject => They

English Assignment 2

1. Part-A (Grammar): Transitive verb, intransitive verb, gerund,participle, infinitive, voice) 2. Part-B (Guided Writing)

Part A (Grammar)-12

1. Find out transitive verb, intransitive verb, gerund, participle and infinitive from the underlined words.

(a) We found him singing (Participle) on the stage.

(b) The flowers are about to bloom (Infinitive).

(c) Collecting (Gerund) stamps is her hobby.

(d) Success depends (Intransitive verb) on hard work.

(e) They catch (Transitive verb) fish.

(f) Japan is a developed (Participle) country.

(g) They walk (Intransitive verb) in the open field.

(h) He donated (Transitive verb) the land.

2. Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Tell him to go.

Ans: Let him be told to go.

(c) He draws a picture.

Ans: A picture is drawn by him.

(e) Do you love me?

Ans: Am I loved by you?

(g) We ought to help the poor.

Ans: The poor ought to be helped by us.

(b) Post the letter.

Ans: Let the letter be posted.

(d) They will help me.

Ans: I will be helped by them.

(f) I saw him reading a novel.

Ans: He was seen reading a novel by me.

(h) Do not waste your time.

Ans: Let not your time be wasted.

3. Fill in the gaps with the given words and phrases in the box.

have to it as if with a view to
There on account of was born had better

(a) They — leave the place now.

(c) My father – in 1970.

(e) – is morning now.

(g) She acts – she were a queen.

(b) The police — arrest the criminal,

(d) — illness, he could not come out.

(f) — were many trees around our college,

(h) I went to Dhaka – finding a job.

Answers: a) had better I b) have to c) was born d) On account of e) It f) There g) as if h) with a view to.

Part B (Guided Writing)

4. Suppose, your friend Ruma has sent you a nice present on your birthday. Now write a letter of thanks to your friend.

5. Write a paragraph of about 100 words based on the following questions:

(a) What is COVID-19?

(b) How does it spread?

(c) How does an epidemic hamper the social life?

(d) What is the effect of COVID-19 in our economics?

(e) How can we control the epidemic?

COVID-19 paragraph

HSC BM English Assignment Solution 2024.Our team of expert has provided solution to all question from the HSC BM English. If you want to get the latest updates regarding your academic activities, you can visit our website regularly. We wish you all the best with your new Assignment and the upcoming HSC exam.

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