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Write a Letter of Thanks to Your Friend for nice Present on Your Birthday

Suppose, your friend Ruma has sent you a nice present on your birthday. Now write a letter of thanks to your friend.

My dear Ruma


I want to thank you a lot for the wonderful birthday gift that you have sent for me. My birthday passed smoothly and happily yesterday. However, we all missed you. I received your kind letter and charming present just in time. I can realize how much you love me and why you could not come. Though you tried your best to do so. Believe me, my dear friend, of all presents I got yours is the loveliest. I had long been in need of a new camera and it has come from you. How could you guess my thoughts wonder. I shall now be able to take some really fine pictures with it.

In fact, I had a camera which was presented by my father. However, at present I cannot use it, my younger brother has broken it recently. I took many pictures with that camera when I went to visit different places of interest. I remember my uncle had a very good camera. He bought it when he stayed in the USA.

However, I heartily thank you for the charming present and I shall always keep it as a token of your deep love for me. I shall write to you all about my birthday party in the next letter. Wishing you all the best.

I opened the gift I could not believe my eyes that it was of the same kind that I had thought of. Thank you once.

Ever yours