Class 7 Assignment

Class 7 Assignment Answer 2024 (1st to 6th, 7th Week) All Subjects

If you are a student of class 7, or if you have someone maybe your siblings, cousins whoever that is if he or she reads in school at the class of 7, and asked you to collect information about the Class 7 assignment 2024, congratulations! You are at the right place. In order to continuation of the education system in this pandemic, the Ministry of Education started teaching online. So, class 7 assignments are the output of this current education method.

Class 7 Assignment 2024

The ministry of Education swaps this “assignment-based education” responsibility to the Secondary Education Directorate Authority. This is a sub-organization of them. The Secondary Education Directorate Authority made some changes in the syllabus based on the actual syllabus, which was made before for our students. They intended to make the syllabus more comfortable for students.

All the subjects were there but the lengths of the syllabus are reduced. Those subjects are Bangla, English, Math, Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies, ICT, Home economics, and Religious Studies. Religious studies like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism are included this year. This is because the Bangladesh’s ministry believes Bangladesh as a liberal country.

Class 7 Assignment 2024 Answer

In order to download the class 7 assignment Answer, you need to go through the official website of the Bangladesh Secondary Education Directorate’s Authority. By following this website, you can download all the secondary classes syllabus and assignments including class 7 as well. To download all the related documents, syllabus, assignments, and many more you can use our website as well.

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Class 7 Assignment English 6th week

English is considered the most used language all over the world. It’s important to have the proper proficiency in it. According to our curriculum, it looks tough for our school students. On our website, we have designed English courses more conveniently for our students. You can download the class 7 English assignment and practice them here.

Read the following words (1 to 10), pick up the meaning, identify its part of speech, the name and the page number of the dictionary which you belong to or you have collected. After that, make meaningful ten sentences as directed within the bracket ;

1. Recall ( write its adjective form and make a meaningful sentence)
2. erase( write its noun form and make a meaningful sentence with this noun form)
3. Intelligent ( write its noun form and make a meaningful sentence)
4. Performance ( write its verb form and make a meaningful sentence)
5. wildly ( write its adjective form and make a meaningful sentence)
6. Eminent ( write its synonym and make a meaningful sentence with it)

Class 7 Agriculture Assignment 2024 (6th Week)

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সখিপুর গ্রামের সবুজ বাড়ির উত্তর পাশে ঢালু জমিতে সবজি চাষ করেছেন।। দক্ষিণ পাশের জমিতে একটি পেঁপে বাগান করেছেন। এছাড়া তিনি বাড়ির সামনে একটি বীজতলা তৈরি করেছেন| উপরোক্ত তথ্যের আলোকে নিচের প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর দাও

  1. বি.আই.পি, সি.আই.পি, কে.আই.পি, এম.আই.পি ও জি.কে প্রজেক্ট-এর পূর্ণরূপ লিখ।
  2.  সবুজ ঢালু জমিতে, ফল বাগানে ও বীজতলায় কোন কোন পদ্ধতিতে পানি সেচ দিবে?
  3.  তোমার লেখা পদ্ধতিগুলোর কমপক্ষে একটি করে সুবিধা লেখ|

Class 7 Home Science Assignment 2024 (6th Week)

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তুমি ও তােমার পরিবারের সদস্যরা আগামী ০৭ (সাত) দিন বাড়িতে ও বাড়ির বাইরে কে কোন কোন কাজ করবেন তার একটি তালিকা প্রণয়ন করাে(নিচের নমুনা তালিকা অনুযায়ী)

(নমুনা তালিকা) তালিকা নং-০১

Class 7 Assignment Bangla

Bangla is one of the important subjects for secondary level school students. It teaches you how you can use properly of our native language “Bengali”. The Secondary Education Directorate’s Authority has assigned the homework for class 7 students. You can have them on both the official website and our website. Click on the link below to check them.

যৌক্তিকতা নিরুপণ:

নিচে উল্লিখিত অংশটি সাধুরীতিতে রচিত। উপযুক্ত কারণ দেখিয়ে তার যৌক্তিকতা তুলে ধর।

*সংবাদ পাইলাম, কারুণিওয়ালার সহিত মিনির এই যে দ্বিতীয় সাক্ষাৎ তাহা নহে, ইতোমধ্যে সে প্রায় প্রত্যহ আসিয়া পেস্তা বাদাম ঘুষ দিয়া মিনির হুর হদয়টুকু অনেকটা অধিকার করিয়া লইয়াছে।

Class 7 Assignment Islam

You will also get your class 7 assignment on Islam subject as well along with other subjects. If you are in need of downloading the assignment topic of this subject, you can follow the link mentioned here.

আমাদের চারপাশে সৃষ্টিজগতের মাঝে মহান আল্লাহর একতৃবাদের অসংখ্য নমুনা বিদ্যমান। বাস্তব উদাহরণসহ এককতৃবাদের প্রমাণ উল্লেখ করে একটি পোস্টার তৈরি কর।

Class 7 Assignment Math

Someone has said if you want to do well in your future do practice math, math, and math. It will help you to solve problems faster. Mathematics is one of the challenging at the same very interesting subject as well. To download class 7 mathematics assignments, you can see the links below. Go visit them and get busy with your mathematics adventure.

Class 7 Assignment Science

If you can’t get enough answers about something, try to find it in science you will get it for sure along with some interesting facts. To make it more interesting The Secondary Education Directorate’s Authority has assigned some homework for class 7 students. You can check them out from here and their official website.

Last Date of Submission of Class 7 Assignment

You will get the information of the last date of submitting the class 7 assignment every week. You have to submit all the related assignments by then. So, it’s an important task to complete all the assignments before the due date. And the assignment has to be errorless to get the appropriate marks, and to have the proper plan as well because of the time frame.

You are welcome to have our help. We can assure you; you can get your desired result by taking help from us. Just tell us what you are looking for and our team is there for you regarding any studies issue on any subjects. Let’s have a look at the subjects that are related to your assignments.

Final Words

The Secondary Education Directorate’s Authority has assigned class 7 assignment 2024 on every subject. Some other important subjects like Bangladesh and Global Studies, ICT, Home economics, and Religious Studies, you can have all the assignments download link on our website. Along with an experienced team who are ready to help you with anything.

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