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HSC Form fill up 2024 Notice | HSC Probable List 2024

HSC Form fill up 2024 Notice | HSC Probable List 2024. The Dhaka Board of Education has issued a notification to fill up online forms for the 2024 HSC exams amid the Corona epidemic. According to the health rules, it will start from August 12 and end on August 25. HSC registration procedures to begin on August 12. HSC form filling starts from 12th August Form filling of HSC candidates. It will continue till August 25.

A notification to this effect (signed on June 20) has been published on the website of Dhaka Education Board on Friday (June 25). The examinees are requested to fill-up the forms online by 1st August through due procedure Due to the lockdown, the Dhaka Board of Education has extended the time to fill the form.

HSC 2024 Form fill up Notice

At that time, it was said that the HSC candidates of 2024 will be able to fill up the form online without the selection test due to Covid-19 overdose. Then there was the scheduled time to fill the form till April 6. After that, it was said with the notification of extension of time, it will be informed later when the form will be filled.

  • HSC 2024 Form fill up Start: 12 August
  • HSC 2024 Form fill up Last Date: 25 August
  • Science -1160 Tk
  • Commerce -1070 Tk
  • Arts-1070 Tk


Hsc 2024 Form fill up Online

According to the notification, there will be no election test this time due to Corona. Form filling activities will be completely online. Under no circumstances do students or parents have to go to the institution in their own body.


This time there will be no election test. So no fee can be taken in this regard. If any organization violates these laws, action will be taken against them. Only students with valid registration can fill the form. If the student with unauthorized registration fills the form, it will be canceled without any communication.


HSC Form Fill Up Online Application 

The HSC form fill up system is fully online. Now I will discuss the online application process about HSC form fill up. So please follow our instructions below.

  1. At first Go to https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
  2. Write your registration number and click next
  3. Please submit your mobile number
  4. Click submit and complete the process.

HSC form fill up 2024 fees

The notification said that this time the fee has been fixed at Tk 1,160 for science, Tk 1,795 for last time and Tk 1,060 for humanities and business education. Last year it was 1,940 Taka including center and practical fee.


You have to fill the HSC exam form for 2024 at home and submit the exam fee online in compliance with the health rules. Under no circumstances should the examinee or his / her guardian be asked to go to the institution. If necessary, it has been asked to contact on mobile phone.

According to the Ministry of Education, the registration fee has been reduced this time on the instructions of Education Minister Dipu Moni due to the Corona situation. Besides, the registration renewal fee has been fixed at Taka 100 which was 250 taka last year.

Hsc Examine 2024 form fillup Procedure

Today, the Dhaka Board of Education announced a new time to fill students. The forms will be filled in compliance with the health guidelines in coronavirus situation in Bangladesh. This year form fill-up process will cost BDT 2500 for the regular students of science department, and BDT 1940for business and humanities Department students. Hsc 2024 form fill-up Procedure.


1.No election examination will be held on the occasion of HSC examination 2024 and no fee can be collected in this regard. Only students with valid registration can fill the application form. Relevant for partial subject (one / two) examinees It is not compulsory to participate in the selection test of the subject / subjects.

2.Any examinee of any subject / subjects outside his / her registration If you participate in the examination, the examination of that subject / subjects will be canceled without any notice.

3.Money for the required examination fee of the examinees is the amount of Senali service purchased from any branch of Senali Bank in favor of the Secretary of Dhaka Education Board. Receipt should be kept in the educational institution.

4 Display Probable list of students online at 81 Online: Probable list of students with information (www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd) will be published on 12/08/2024. From 12/08/2024 to the possible list Form filling (eFF) has to be completed in the following process online by 25/08/2024.

  1. Institutions enter the website of Dhaka Baird, click on OEMS / eFF, login with EIIN and Password and enter Probable list You have to go and print the hard copy using red ink and determine the examinee with a tick mark. ( The hard copy should be selected from the Probable list displayed on the computer by matching the information of the examinee ticked in the Probable list. (C) Select / Unselect if necessary by printing the Temporary List and verifying / selecting well.
  2. After that you have to print Pay Slip. Money mentioned in Pay Slip at the nearest Senali Bank branch (the branch where Senali service is running) Submission must be made. Note: If you pay Pay Slip Print, you can not select / UnSelect under any circumstances.
  3. Final Candidate List Print will be Active within 24 hours of depositing the fee money in the bank.
  4. Final Candidate List should be printed and the signature of the examinee should be taken and the head of the institution should sign on every page. If required, the educational institution will be able to complete the form in the same way from among the remaining students within the stipulated time.

The following is the rate of activity and examination fee of electronic form Philip eFF: . 01 (one) copy of the printed copy with the signature of the examinee should be kept in the educational institution.

HSC Form fill up Notice 2024 PDF

HSC Probable List 2024

The institutes must download the Probable List where the form fill up students list will available. But you have to know the right method to download it. On 12 August, it will be out on the official website. However, you need to know the download method. Lets show you full details.

  1. At first, visit www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd .
  2. Then, click on to OEMS/eFF .
  3. Put institute EIIN Number and Password.
  4. Finally, print out the Probable list and enlisted the students with Red Mark.

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