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SSC Grading System 2024, How to calculate GPA for SSC?

You all know that the SSC exam 2024 date has already been announced by the authority. So you all are taking preparation for your upcoming exam. After your exam, you all will be waiting for your SSC results. Most of you know the SSC grading system 2024, but who don’t know yet should know about it. Considering your fact, we have come up with an article on the SSC grading system and how to calculate the GPA for SSC. So reading this article from starting to end will be helpful for you.

SSC Grading System 2024 in Bangladesh

SSC examination is one of the most important events in all of your life. Everyone all over the country is so much eager to know the result after it is published. The SSC result in our country is published in the grading system. So it would be better for all of you to know the SSC grading system 2024. Knowing this will help you to anticipate your grade before the result is published. The grading system in Bangladesh has been introduced from 2001.

From that year to till date, the result of the SSC exam is being published in the grading system. This grading system is based on the GPA which means grade point average. The points of different grades are as follows: A+=5, A=4, A-= 3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. The grade of a student is calculated based on these grade points.

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How to Calculate GPA for SSC

In the grading system, the GPA of examinees is calculated based on the marks at a specific mark range or class interval. The old division system has got replaced by the GPA or grading system. There are a total of 9 subjects in the SSC exam. Among all, 8 are compulsory subjects and one optional subject. The grade points of 8 compulsory subjects are counted fully. But the grade point of optional subject is counted partially and it will only be counted if a student gets more than 2 points in this subject.

The extra point greater than 2 in the optional subject will be counted in the GPA calculation. To know how to calculate GPA for SSC, you have to look at the example below:

Suppose, a student got the grade of A+, A+, B, A, A, B, A, and C in 8 compulsory subjects and A in the optional subject. Then the grade points are 5, 5, 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 2 and 4. So the total grade point is 5++5+3+4+4+3+4+2+2 (2 points will always be deducted from the optional subject if got more than 2)=32 and grade point average or GPA= 32 ÷ 8= 4. Calculating the GPA, the optional subject will not be counted. So a total of 8 subjects will always be counted.

In this method you can calculate your GPA that means grade point average. The average is calculated in this rule: Total points in different subjects ÷ total subjects.

SSC GPA Calculator 2024

The GPA for SSC will be calculated based on the obtained marks.  The obtained marks in the written, practical, and viva exams of an examinee will be converted into the letter grade and grade point. To evaluate the results of the examinees, following letter grade and corresponding grade point will be mentioned:

Letter Grade Class Interval Grade point
A+ 80-100 5
A 70-79 4
A- 40-39 3.5
B 50-59 3
C 40-49 2
D 33-39 1
F 0-31 0

SSC Exam Marks Distribution

 The updated marks distribution of SSC exam is in the table below:

Subject  MCQ/Written      MCQ Practical
Bangla 1st Paper 70 30
Bangla 2nd Paper 70 30
English 1st Paper Reading 50 Writing 50
English 2nd Paper Grammar 45 Composition 55
General Mathematics 70 30
Higher Mathematics 50 25 25
Physics 50 25 25
Chemistry 50 25 25
Biology 50 25 25
Science 70 30
Bangladesh and International Affairs 70 30
Accounting 70 30
Business Entrepreneurship 70 30
Finance and Banking 70 30
Geography and Environment 70 30
Islam and Moral Education 70 30
Hindu Religion & Moral Education 70 30
Buddhist Religion & Moral Education 70 30
Christian Religion & Moral Education 70 30
Home Science 50 25 25
Agriculture Studies 50 25 25
History of Bangladesh and World Civilization 70 30
Civics and Citizenship 70 30
Economics 70 30
Physical Education, Health Science and Sports 50 25
Information and Communication Technology 25 25
Career Education 25 25
Easy Bangla 1st Paper
Easy Bangla 2nd  Paper
Bangla Language and Bangladesh Culture 1st Paper
Bangla Language and Bangladesh Culture 2nd  Paper
Higher Bangla
Higher English
Arts and Crafts
Work Oriented Education
Physical Education and Sports

Hopefully, after reading the article of SSC grading system 2024, you all will be able to calculate your GPA.

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