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106th Prize Bond Draw Result 2024 – Bangladesh Bank 100 tk Prize Bond

106th Prize Bond Draw Result 2024 – Bangladesh Bank 100 taka Prize Bond Result. Bangladesh Bank will announced 106th prize bond result 2024. 100 Taka price bond lottery  draw will be published in our website. 106th prize bond Lottery draw will be held on 30 April 2024. Download results that website . Every 3 month Interval prize bond lottery draw held and we publish prize bond result 2024.

106th Draw 100 taka prize bond result 2024 Bangladesh Bank. 106th Draw of 100 Taka Prize Bond Lottery has announced by Bangladesh Bank. 106th Draw 100 Taka Prize Bond lottery result will be published on 30st April 2024.

106th prize bond Result Draw Date

The lottery draw is held on 4 times in a year. Lottery draw held on last of the month of April, July, October and December. 106th prize bond lottery draw will be held on 30th April 2024. The previous 98th prize bond lottery draw result was held on January 2024. Only Bangladeshi Citizen can buy this prize bond and they can sell it any time with the same prize any person. Bangladesh Bank has arranged the prize bond draw in every three months.

100 Taka prize bond divided in various serious series. There are Total 46 series are available and each series has same prize. Its mean each series has 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th prizes. It is mentioned that as per Bangladesh tax law, 20% tax will be deducted from Prize bond money. The first prize is TK 6 lack, 2nd prize is TK 3.25 lack and TK 1 lack for the third winner. Single standard method (for each series of the same number) this ‘Draw’ is managed.

200 taka note

106th prize bond result 2024

All time same system follows to make lottery draw. Each series have more price or lots of money. Like as 1st Winner get 6 Lakh taka for 1 price, 2nd Winner take 3 Lakh 25 thousand taka, 3rd Winner take 1 lakh taka for 2 price, 4th winner 50 thousand taka 2 price person, 10 thousand 40 price and besides total 46 price is included in the 100 taka prize bond result 2024.

106th Draw 100 taka prize bond result 2024 Bangladesh Bank. 100 Taka Prize Bond lottery draw result will publish on 31st April 2024. Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Lottery Result will publish Bangladesh Bank official website at and also

How to check Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result?

Find prizewinning bond numbers by Searching. You can search single or multiple numbers at a time. For single number type the number only (not series) then click search button. For multiple numbers, if you have numbers serially, then you can search all the numbers of yours by simply typing as: 1st number ~ last number. e.g. 0012345~0012349

Or if you have multiple prize bonds which are not organized in sequence, then you have to type all numbers separated by comma (,) e.g. 0030401, 0123901, 1234708. Or you can type numbers as 0012345~0012349, 0030401, 0123901, 1234708. We will publish 106th Draw 100 taka prize bond result 2024 Bangladesh Bank in time.

100 taka bond Wining Prize

100 taka prize bond result 2024 can get from every daily NewsPaper or Bangladesh Bank official website. Besides We are always ready to published prize bond result. 1st Prize -1: TK 6, 00,000 | 2nd Prize -1: TK 3, 25,000 | 3rd Prize -2: TK 1, 00,000 | 4th Prize -2: TK 50,000 | 5th Prize -40: TK 10,000

This included 46 normal number of series declared eligible for the award. Beyond the first, second and third prizes for each series of the award and the following bonds generally are considered as eligible.

For an example: for the first award announced in the number of bonds of each series of the first prize will be eligible. Also the second, third, fourth, and fifth of their value in the awards were announced for every series of the award are eligible.

Prize No. of Prize Amount
1st Prize 01 6,00,000
2nd Prize 01 3,25,000
3rd Prize 02 1,00,000
4th Prize 02 50,000
5th Prize 40 10,000

106th Prize bond draw 2024

we also published 100 taka prize bond result. You can also download prize bond Result from Bangladesh Bank official website very easily.

To get result from Bangladesh bank at first you have to go to the and type your price bond number in the search box and press enter. If you visit than view the search box in the middle of the page. here enter your series number like as 106th, 76th or others. After press the enter button. Than your view your result link.

The 106th Prize Bond draw result is on hand for download and as well as to see.106th Prize Bond result is available in PDF & JPG format on our website. Actually Prize Bond is without interest bond. Prize bond draw held in every four (04) times in a year in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Bank.

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