This is to inform the visitors of that the information about your browser, IP address, and geographical location is collected and temporarily stored in our system. Cookies are stored on your web browser in order to give you better and customized services. The following types of information are collected for each visit:

  • The geographic location of the visitor
  • Information about the browser and IP address of the visitor

Other information if or when required for processing useful services such as provision of direct help, free or paid products or services for the visitors. Such information is collected in proper forms and formats.

How we use this personal information?

The sole purpose of this information being collected is to analyze our own performance and business. Sometimes the information is used to reach back to our visitors offering them new products or services. No part of your personal data such as emails, contact name, phone number, etc is shared with anyone. Your personal data is 100% safe and secure with us.

Some third-party services such as advertising, contact forms, order taking forms, online payment services, etc are also being used on this website. These services, for proper functioning, may use your personal information such as name, address, email, or phone number. By using these services, you agree to their privacy terms and usage terms. These companies provide you custom ads based on your interests and internet search history.

Google is our major partner. So, through this website, Google is allowed to:

  • Enable and store cookies on your computer to serve ads on this site
  • Use Double Click DART cookies by which it serves ads on this website

Google’s Privacy Policy is also applicable to this website as our advertising agent on this website. You should visit Google’s Privacy Policy for more information and opt-out.

You can learn more about how Google uses cookies. It uses cookies in the advertising and also reads their privacy policy of Google.


This policy is subject to change time to time