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Write an Essay on Difference Between “Online Class And in Campus Class”

Assignment: write an essay on difference between “online class and in campus class”

Steps, instructions and scope of writing assignments:

  1. Write within 300 words,
  2. You have to include (a. Introduction, b. What to online and in campus class means, c. The emergence of a campus class during, d. pros and cons of Campus and online classes, e. Share your experience during covid-19 pandemic as examples, g. consolation)

HSC English 2nd paper Assignment Answer 3rd Week

Topic and learning outcomes of these assignments: learners will able to write about two different types of learning patterns, will be able to use contrasting sentence connector and cohesive device, will be able to use references of personal experiences.

Essay: Difference between online class and in campus class

Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, college, or university. Today we can achieve this education through two ways, one is an online base and another is an on-campus base. Today online education, also known as distance learning, has risen in popularity over the last two decades. In fact, the number of students taking at least 1 online college course help has increased each consecutive year since 2002- And greater than higher education enrollment overall. Before covid-19 pandemic in Campus class in the education setting that most people used to. Both of them have some pros and cons.

Online classes mainly take place through the internet. An online class is conducted over the internet participating both learners and teachers. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can ask questions to their teachers about their syllabus and academic problems, as well as communicate with fellow students. On the other hand, the traditional on-campus classroom experience is one where you attend classes in person, in a physical location. You meet face-to-face with your professor and classmates. This is the education setting that most people are used to.

Difference between online class and in campus class

There are reasons why on-campus learning has remained the traditional classroom experience. When you meet face to face with people and hear their stories and insights in person, It is often easy to begin to develop relationships and build community classmates and professors. This is the main pros of in-campus class. With a traditional classroom setup, You have greater opportunities to have an in-person conversation with your professor or classmate to better understand something you have learned or been wondering about. They also learn many things around the world. But it has some cons too! In-campus classes enforce more structure.

On the other hand, the online classroom offers a range of benefits to succeed in pursuing your goals with a degree. Students can easily participate in the class without killing valuable time. Another benefit of being a part of an online classroom is the opportunity to meet and learn from students who may not live in the same area as you. At the same time, online classes have some demerits too. In online classes, computers or mobile may affect our eyesight but there are no such types of traditional classes. The network problem of our country creates the main cons of it. Many poor students can’t buy internet packs because of their poverty.

Difference between online class and in campus class

During the covid-19 pandemic, my experience with distance learning was not very great. For example, I get distracted very easily and find it hard to pay attention in class, especially when it comes to school. In a classroom I was able to give my full attention to what was being taught, I was all there. At the same time, I failed to manage enough money to buy an internet pack. However, when we heard about the online classes, I could not focus and listen to what my teachers were trying to get across.

Covid-19 creates a hard time for has made a serious adverse impact on our education. Online learning is convenient and has fewer basic requirements compared with traditional learning. It also allows students who would have ordinarily not gone back to school to access an education. However, online students do not benefit from close interaction with their peers and instructors as do their regular counterparts. Also, regular students can engage their instructors more easily and relatively faster in case they want to have certain sections of the course explained, unlike online students.

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